Welcome to East Cascade Women's Group – Your Trusted Partner in Women's Health in Central Oregon!

For over 40 years, East Cascade Women's Group has been dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services in our community.   

With clinics in both Bend and Redmond, our team of experienced and caring professionals includes highly skilled obstetrician-gynecologists and certified nurse midwives. As the leading OBGYN clinic in the heart of Central Oregon, we take pride in our commitment to the well-being of women through every stage of life.

At East Cascade Women's Group, we understand that each woman's health journey is unique, and we are dedicated to providing evidence based care tailored to your individual needs. Our longstanding presence in the Central Oregon community is a testament to our commitment to the women we serve.

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Womens Health

We are here to support you throughout your entire life. Whether it’s to listen to your concerns, share our expertise or simply to help you lead a healthier life, we’re here for you.



You put a huge amount of trust in us during this time in your life – and we take it seriously. From your first prenatal appointment through your baby’s delivery, we’ll offer personalized, sensitive support.



Fertility concerns can be difficult for many couples. We understand the frustrations and stress. We are experienced in guiding you through fertility treatment options and supporting the choices you make.



  • Fertility Specialists: Assisting and guiding you on your path to achieving a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  • Family Planning: Supporting your decisions regarding family size and timing with personalized family planning services.
  • Pregnancy Care: Our OB’s provide comprehensive prenatal care to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey.
  • Midwifery Services: Embracing a holistic approach to childbirth, our midwives provide personalized care and support.
  • Reproductive Health: Focusing on overall reproductive well-being for women of all ages.
  • Prenatal Care: Guiding you through each stage of pregnancy with expertise and compassion. Our OB-GYN’s specialize in both high and low risk pregnancies. 
  • Postpartum Care: Ensuring a smooth and healthy recovery after childbirth.
  • Perinatal Mental Health: Recognizing the importance of mental well-being in pregnancy and offering support.
  • Contraception Services: Offering personalized solutions to support your family planning choices.
  • Adolescent Gynecology: Providing specialized care for the unique needs of young women as they transition into adulthood.
  • Menopausal Care: Offering support and tailored treatments to ease the menopausal transition.
  • Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery: Utilizing advanced techniques to address gynecological concerns.



Our caring and supportive providers have been trusted by women in Central Oregon for over 40 years, and we’re proud of the differences we’ve made in the lives of our patients and families. Whether you're seeking routine well-woman exam, specialized care, or guidance on family planning, our team is here for you.


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East Cascade Women’s Group Has Been Committed To Providing Our Community With A Full Range Of Women’s Health Services Since 1980. Generations Of Women Have Come To Trust The Compassionate Care We Give, Every Step Of The Way.

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"To be the premier OB/GYN clinic in Central Oregon, known for our commitment to women’s health and wellness. We pride ourselves on collaborative relationship with our patients. Our vision is to provide evidence-based care, lead in innovative healthcare practices, and continually improve and expand our services to meet the needs of our patients."


“At East Cascade Women’s Group, our mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care through all stages of life. We are committed to providing excellent, evidence-based care by empowering patients with knowledge, and personalized treatment options.”

What our patients say?

Ashley StellAshley Stell
10:25 23 Jan 24
Dr. Megan Smith is an extremely good doctor and I highly recommend her. I deeply respect her, feel cared for and understood, as well as can depend on her expertise around larger more generic subjects to very specific pregnancy or women health related areas.
Cassie SmithCassie Smith
20:08 16 Jan 24
Dr. Cheryl Czapla has been incredible through my medical journey. She’s efficient, knowledgeable, professional, has an amazing bed side manner, and explains things very well so that I understand what’s going on. She’s patient and kind and a wonderful surgeon. She really cares about her patients, unlike some other physicians who can make you feel like they’re just trying to rush through their appointments. Dr. Czapla will take time for you so that you feel at ease. I would 100% trust and recommend Dr. Czapla to my family and friends.
Bailey Godfrey KleinBailey Godfrey Klein
03:18 13 Jan 24
So far we’ve had a great experience with Dr. Smith! Her knowledge and bedside manner are matched in excellence. We feel really fortunate to have her as our OB.
Megan PrestonMegan Preston
16:51 12 Jan 24
Dr. Megan Smith is the best! She is so easy going and is so informative. She always answers all my questions and puts me at ease. This is now our second pregnancy with her and she is just amazing.
Courtney McKinnisCourtney McKinnis
20:25 09 Jan 24
Dr. smith is the best! She is so calm, supportive and knowledgeable!
Deanna SimonDeanna Simon
00:43 07 Jan 24
I’m a 51 yr old mom. This is the second time I’ve seen Dr. Megan Smith. She took her time, listened, answered my questions, and helped me understand my options. I appreciate her personal approach. Plus, her memory of my last visit 18 mo ago was impressive! I’m very happy with her care and with East Cascades Womens Group in general. I look forward to continuing to be a patient there.
Kristy FountainKristy Fountain
20:28 28 Dec 23
Dr. Smith at East Cascades is a special kind of physician. Her interpersonal communication skills are off-the-charts. She uses nonverbal communication (kind smiles, eye contact, listening ears) and clear and kind verbal communication during our medical interactions. She helps me feel seen, heard, understood, and supported in navigating healthcare challenges and decisions. She's patient and makes me feel supported and educated enough to make my own decisions about my healthcare. I never feel pressured, just empowered, which is really important to me as a holistically-minded woman. Thank you Dr. Smith!
Justine LowryJustine Lowry
19:13 28 Dec 23
Dr. Smith at East Cascades Women’s Group is a compassionate doctor who listens to patients and shares information on prevention and treatment options.
katie sanchezkatie sanchez
23:00 22 Dec 23
Izzy SprobaIzzy Sproba
18:40 22 Dec 23
Amanda EAmanda E
17:32 22 Dec 23
Peri Vernon takes the time to listen and is very straightforward. I wish ECWG could be my PCP. I highly recommend Peri and ECWG.
Jade PettitJade Pettit
04:11 22 Dec 23
Dr. Ahmed has delivered all 3 of my children, and completed a D&C, between child two and three, with complete grace. She is a Mom to me, to be honest. I can't thank her enough. She is, simply, amazing.
Rhonda LaiteRhonda Laite
20:35 05 Dec 23
Dr Vernon was nice and very attentive to my personal needs. She made an awkward appointment pleasant and normal.
Queena FullmerQueena Fullmer
21:08 01 Dec 23
Bridget EthridgeBridget Ethridge
17:08 01 Dec 23
23:24 22 Nov 23
This was genuinely one of the best experiences I have had with a physician in regards to women’s health ever. Dr. Vernon made me feel extremely comfortable, walked me through my whole process and kept me informed every step of the way while still being able to get the procedure done quickly. I tend to be someone who changes their mind a lot, and not once did she seem irritated or annoyed when I would go back and ask questions then change my thoughts on something. I very rarely leave reviews, but after having such a bad experience at St. Charles getting a IUD put in, it is so comforting knowing there are doctors out there who strive to make these situations as comfortable and quick as possible. I can safely say I have found a new spot for my womanly medical needs!
Sheehan KroftSheehan Kroft
19:16 21 Nov 23
Didn’t need to wait for long for the Dr.Dr Champer was very nice, friendly and helpful. She took her time talking to me understanding my situation as a new patient.Did a woman’s wellness checkup and she was gentle and thorough.She looks young but I am comfortable having her as my GYN.
Janine DavisJanine Davis
19:31 09 Nov 23
Super easy check-in as a first time patient, was immediately called back and got to fill out paperwork while waiting in the room. Bloodwork I needed done same day, basically no wait time either.Tara Hulbert was amazing. Kind, professional, asked good questions to determine the level of care I needed. I loved how she described what she was feeling during my breast exam; things to help me understand how my tissue is and what exactly to look for in a way I haven't ever learned.A small issue getting my ultrasound scheduled since the order didn't go through, leading to a multi-day delay, but everything else was perfect.
Jayden SouzaJayden Souza
13:39 19 Oct 23
Ciara Thomson-Barnett was my primary nurse midwife throughout my first pregnancy and I don’t have enough great things to say about her! Something I appreciate about Ciara is her evidence-based practices. She is a provider who will present you will all of the facts to help you make an informed decision and does not give personal opinions on the matters of pregnancy. She is kind, sees you through any question you may have and practices trauma informed care. I felt safe and reassured throughout the entirety of my pregnancy and delivery in the hands of Ciara.I would also like to recognize Dr. Janelle Strom for being thorough and skilled in post-delivery repairs. Herself and Ciara caught what was a very sneaky 4th degree tear that had gone untreated could have resulted in a lifetime of trouble. I left the hospital rest assured I had received the most high quality care.I am so grateful for my positive experience and would easily recommend ECWG to any friends or family!
Teresa MoreyTeresa Morey
16:30 19 Sep 23
Emily has always provided top notch service. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all questions and issues. Strives to make sure you understand what choices you have and recommendations on avenues to approach. Very pleasant and listens providing very helpful feedback. Takes the time necessary.
cherri millercherri miller
17:37 08 Sep 23
The office staff consistently kind and was very timely with their interactions with me getting set up for surgery. Dr. Champer had a thoughtful plan for my situation unlike another doc that I had in another city. Grateful for her kind attention and all has resolved nicely.
Cristie PorterCristie Porter
12:40 01 Sep 23
I had Devon Riley last time I had my son in September and we are pregnant with #3 so I came back and I have Devon Riley again. It’s great. But the nurses and front desk suck. I’ve been called 4 times over my blood and urine test results and I can’t get a nurse and now they won’t even call me back and leave a detailed message. They called me the 2nd and 3rd time while I was at work so when I called back I got some lady on the phone “WELL OUR NURSES ARE BUSY ASSISTING OTHER PEOPLE” and I hadn’t even raised my voice we hadn’t even been talking for 3 minutes. I fired right back “well I work the school day schedule because I work in a preschool so how in the HELL am I supposed to call you by the time I get home if you CLOSE AT 5” she back tracked “well can they leave a detailed message?” “Yes I’ve said so twice” “alright you’ll receive a call” and I haven’t heard anything in 2 days. I’m not very happy with the OB/pregnancy care in central Oregon because this is it. It’s all you get as an option.
Olivia FoxOlivia Fox
23:32 05 Jun 23
Dr. Gage has been my OB for my two kids now and she is amazing! She takes away all my worries when I’m pregnant and she just brings a calming presence to every appointment. She also makes the time to know you and your family and asks about things you’ve told her about before 💕
karen beccarikaren beccari
21:39 27 May 22
I was very nervous for my exam and Dr Thompson made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It was much less of a concern than I thought. I need to thank my doctor for an exam last year that she noticed a mark on my nose, she recommended a dermatologist. After I went to the dermatologist it was discovered that I had melanoma skin cancer. It would have gone undetected if my doctor had not pointed it outI owe her for being so diligent and concerned
Harmonie HaffHarmonie Haff
04:59 25 May 22
ECWG was recommended to me by my mother and older sister. I am young so this is the first gynecologist I’ve ever been to. I am also shy and very modest so the idea of gynecology kind of scared me. Let me tell you though, this place is amazing! Everyone is so kind and makes you feel welcome! The scheduling is always so easy and they try to fit you where it’ll work best for everyone! It may not be the same case for everyone, but I normally get in within a week of me calling in.I absolutely love my doctor, Dr. Ciara Thomson-Barnett! She is very knowledgeable, she explains every detail of what is being checked or done. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and answer any questions I had! I always recommend her and this office to all my family and friends!
Sydney HuttonSydney Hutton
04:56 28 Apr 22
Great experience with Dr. Megan Smith for annual preventative apt. She answered all my questions without rushing me or making me feel judged in any way. No crazy wait times for Dr and check in was smooth and staff was very nice!
Cassidy KinnamanCassidy Kinnaman
21:48 08 Apr 22
This is my second pregnancy using Dr. Gage as my provider. I adore her. She always makes me feel heard and supported and helps me not sweat the small stuff. She consistently puts my mind at ease. She’s thoughtful and caring. When I had my daughter, she came to check on me at the hospital during her lunch break (another daughter was on call for delivery) even though I was the only patient she had in the hospital at that time. I cannot recommend her enough.
Bree AllenBree Allen
17:58 22 Feb 22
I recently had a baby and did all of my prenatal care here. Cierra is the absolute best and such a gem! I never felt rushed or like my questions were looked down on at all during my pregnancy. She was thoughtful and attentive and always took the time to explain things. When it came time to deliver, Katie was the midwife on call. She had great bedside manner and was kind and encouraging. The office staff was always helpful and kind. I look forward to continuing my care at this practice!
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