Our Team

For over four decades, our caring and supportive providers at East Cascade Women's Group have been the cornerstone of trust and excellence in women's healthcare in Central Oregon. We take immense pride in the positive impact we've made in the lives of our patients and their families. Our unwavering commitment to women's health has established us as a beacon of reliability and compassion in the community. Through the years, we have consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of women by providing evidence based medical expertise.  As we reflect on our enduring legacy of over 40 years, we look forward to continuing our mission of delivering high-quality, personalized care that empowers women to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

portrait of Mary Ann Ahmed
Department: MD
Specialty: High and Low Risk Obstetrics, Surgical Care
portrait of James M. Carlson
Department: MD
Specialty: Fertility, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Pelvic Prolapse
portrait of Miriam Champer
Department: MD
Specialty: contraceptive management, Gynecologic Care for Young Adults
portrait of Cheryl Czapla
Department: MD
Specialty: contraceptive management, High Risk Obstetrics, Minimal Invasive Surgery
portrait of Regan Gage
Department: MD
Specialty: Fertility, High Risk Obstetrics, Vaginal Surgery
Specialty: Endometriosis, Low and High Risk Prenatal Care, Menopausal Health
portraint of Megan Smith
Department: MD
Specialty: Adolescent Care, Gynecological Surgery, Menopausal Health
portrait of Julie A. Wheir
Department: MD
Specialty: Minimal Invasive Surgery, Preventative Medicine
portrait of Christina Davis
Department: Certified Physicians Assistant
Specialty: Gynecology, Obstetrics
portrait of Ciara Thomson-Barnett
Department: Certified Nurse Midwife
Specialty: contraceptive management, Menopause Care, Miscarriage Management
Portrait of Alexa Smith-Ellison
Department: Certified Nurse Midwife
Specialty: Perinatal Mood Disorders, Prenatal Education, Trauma-Informed Care
Department: Certified Nurse Midwife
Specialty: contraceptive management, Perinatal Care, Trauma-Informed Care
Department: Clinical Psychologist
Specialty: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Department: Nurse Practitioner
Specialty: Birth Control, Gender-Affirming Care, Miscarriage Management