Ciara Thomson-Barnett

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Ciara Thomson-Barnett, CNM, WHNP



Growing up in Wyoming, Ciara has always fostered a strong interest in providing health care to rural communities. She received an undergraduate degree in political science from The University of Oregon. Realizing her passion for women’s health care, Ciara shifted her focus from politics and completed her undergraduate in nursing from Oregon Health and Sciences University and received her graduate education at Yale School of Nursing. During her time at Yale, Ciara traveled to Laos to train nurses in the Salavan Province on how to decrease maternal-infant mortality rates in their communities.

As a dual certified-nurse midwife and Women’s health nurse practitioner, Ciara uses patient-centered care as a way to empower women to make informed health care decisions. She realizes that pregnancy can be a time of great change and enjoys navigating her patients through it. She enjoys all the aspects of midwifery and women’s health with a particular focus on contraception, midwifery model of pregnancy care, menopause care and miscarriage management. Ciara enjoys providing routine and holistic prenatal care in office.

When not caring for her patients, Ciara can be found enjoying many of Central Oregon’s outdoor activities!

Yale School of Nursing - Orange, Connecticut
Certified Nurse-Midwife, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner