When dealing with concerns about fertility, undergoing a comprehensive fertility test becomes a crucial step in uncovering any underlying factors. Our dedicated team at East Cascade Women's Group is committed to actively guiding and supporting you through this process. From conducting thorough fertility tests to tailoring effective treatment plans, we prioritize keeping you informed and empowered throughout your journey. Our specialists actively advise you on the best course of action, ensuring that you play a central role in decisions that align with your unique needs. Open communication and compassionate care are at the core of our approach to addressing fertility concerns, empowering you to navigate this journey with confidence and optimism.


Between 16-18% of adults will experience infertility, a profoundly impactful challenge. Typically, couples anticipate achieving pregnancy within the initial 6-12 months, with 90% succeeding within 12-18 months of timed intercourse. If conception remains elusive, a comprehensive evaluation of both partners is recommended. Male factor accounts for around 26% of infertility cases, 28% remain unexplained, while the remainder is attributed to factors like ovarian function, endometriosis, or fallopian tube damage. Semen evaluation for men and consultation with a fertility-trained healthcare provider for women are crucial steps in the diagnostic process. While the journey can be overwhelming, the team at ECWG is dedicated to providing unwavering support. Following the workup, a tailored treatment plan is created which may involve procedures addressing anatomical issues, ovulation-boosting medications (clomid or letrozole), intrauterine insemination, or a referral to a fertility specialist for advanced treatments like IVF. Encouragingly, 92% of couples undergoing fertility treatments achieve pregnancy within the first 2 years, with most success within the initial year.